Sunday, November 9, 2014


Painting their pumpkins for the pumpkin decorating contest.

 A couple of days before Halloween, Reanna's class did a little Halloween/fall skit.  I was able to go and see it!
 At the contest.  Hunter's football and Reanna's purple polka dot :) 
 This year the annual downtown carnival, costume contest and tick or treating was the night before Halloween.  We jumped in on the costume contest (the kids were stick people this year).  Hunter won 1st place in his age group.  
 And Reanna won 3rd place.  Both kids had several kids in their group and a lot of awesome costumes this year. 
 We headed out early the night of Halloween.  As we were picking up Nana we found a bunch of cuties in their baseball costumes! 
 And then ran into a little monkey (he didn't have his costume on yet) and his zoo keeper.  Sorry Aunt Duh and Uncle Craig, we didn't get a picture with you.  Cade must have trumped this year but thank you for all their goodies :) LOL
 Hunter's teacher sat out front of the school handing out candy since she doesn't live in town.  Such an awesome idea!!

 Papa Ray was waiting with a big goodie bag!
 Visiting Uncle Zo at his other work.
 Our Chauffeur--She conned Steve into staying at her house to hand out candy while she went with me and the kids. He actually was great with that idea :)
 GG and Papa Don were in town this year and got to see the trick or treaters and as always brought the kiddos goodies!!

Happy Halloween 2014!!

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