Saturday, November 29, 2014

Throw Back

I know it is not Thursday but I found an SD card with a bunch of pics on it so thought I would document--

Take time for some selfies :)
 4th of July 2014
 Colorado 2008, I was pregnant with Hunter. Wow let me tell you that the ride to Estes Park and pregnant tend to make for a nauseous momma!

 Carter, Mal and Reanna--they were so little!

 I love when she wrinkles her nose!!!

 4 Generations
 5 Generations
 Dad driving a racecar!! 
 Copper Mountain 2006
 Reanna and Mal. 

 I think this was at Cassie's Graduation party

 Love this picture of my parents!
 Always Sylin'
 Halloween 2006 (I think)
 5 Generations
 Gma Clara's 90th Birthday!
 Amber and I
 I have always loved this picture of her!

 Wow where did time go.  Seems like yesterday

 Uncle Jesse
 Getting ready to leave the hospital (Reanna)


Sometimes I don't know what to call posts, so this one is just called stuff :) 

I found some pictures of a cuties 2nd birthday party!
 A few weeks ago the church had a family night where we built Operation Christmas Boxes and stuffed them to be sent.  The kids enjoyed doing this for other kids.

 One evening we looked outside to see that we had been flocked :) 
 Snowball drop for the kids and adults downtown.  I didn't get many pictures as I was trying to win prizes!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday!!

As always, how did she get this old?

We celebrated the Friday before her birthday with treats and goody bags for school.  I found some No Bake Birthday Cake Oreo bars and took them to her class.

 Then on Saturday, we partied Hollywood Style!
Due to our wonderful Kansas wind, I had to put the Red Carpet and the Hollywood Walk of Fame inside.
 We were in for a special presentation, complete with Red Curtain and all :) 
 Slight story behind this sign.  My mom bought the letters, my dad and mom drilled the holes for the lights, Steve painted it and my brother strung the lights (he finally completed it after staying up past midnight and 4 strands of lights later.....he broke one, one didn't work, and so on).  However it turned out perfect and has been made with a lot of love!

 Mom, Reanna and I did the cupcakes, with edible bling on top.
 Our guests arrived to the paparazzi taking pictures.

Carter T.
 Carter A.
 Movie Time
 Our Popcorn Holders
 They watched an almost 2 hour movie with hardly a peep.  However they did play a game where they had to tune into the movie and find out how many times they said the name of the main characters and then they would win a prize! Whatever works :) 
 Featured Presentation
 My baby girl!
 Present time
 A special guest...Mr. Wayne

 To finish off the night my family joined us for supper.  We had hotdogs--all decked out in tuxedos.

 Later that evening, she opened her presents from the family.  She received tons of awesome gifts from both her friends and family.  They all know her well.  She was also thrilled to get her My Life doll from Mom, Dad and Brother.  (thank goodness....long story that goes behind that one....maybe for a later blog) :) 
Then on Sunday it was her actual birthday.  It was a busy day with other things going but we still managed to celebrate throughout the day.
Then on Monday night we celebrated her birthday and Papa Rays birthday at the Mexican Restaurant.  Yum that sounds really good right now :)  

We are so blessed by our family and friends that celebrated with her.  Thank you so much!!

Reanna, Thank you for being a loving, caring, kind, independent child.  I know we say this every year but it remains, we are so proud of you and love watching you grow.  You are amazing.  Stay yourself and you will go far.   We love you to the moon and back, infinity and beyond, forever and ever. 
Mom, Dad and Hunter