Monday, October 6, 2014

Girls Weekend

Last weekend we headed out for a short girls weekend....this little adventure included Reanna and I of course, my mom, grandma, 2 aunts, and several cousins.  Away we went to Kansas City.

My aunt did up some goody bags for all of us.  She included chap stick, chocolate, hand lotion, kleenex, wipes and Pads....just in case we couldn't control the laughing.
 Reanna & Cade
 Reanna & her 4x Great Aunt
 My Cousin, Grandma and Reanna is in the very background :)
 And we let mom drive! :)
 The Clan!
 Sunday we headed to The City Market.  Some neat things and wished I had brought a cooler.  LOTS of amazing fresh produce.  It was something we could say we experienced. 
 Cade Man!
 Mom with her coconut juice!
 And no trip is complete without a Dole Banana sticker. 

 My Cousin Larissa and her soon to be baby girl!

Short, fast but FUN weekend.  Glad we were able to do this!!

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