Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sport Summer Camps

The week after Church Camp, Reanna attending a couple more sports camp.  First up was a 4 day volleyball camp at Central Christian College (my Alma Mater) :) 

It was a smaller group which was nice to have some extra attention.

 The following week she attended a Basketball Camp-- "Called to Greatness".  This camp is put on my former KU player Wayne Simien.  For you non KU fans out there he was 1st team all american his senior year and went on to play for the Miami Heat.  He is back at KU doing ministry work and putting on these camps for kids.  His camp is a 2 day all morning camp....and the awesome thing about his camp is he centers it around being a good team player, working hard and the Bible. You can see in the pic below he is teaching them a lesson from the Bible. Doesn't get much better than this!!!  

 On the first day of camp, KAKE tv came in and videoed the kids playing and interviewed Wayne.  So when we got home we recorded all the news that evening to see if we could see her.  We found her on the 5:00 news twice and then she was playing in the background of the 10:00 news.  So neat!!!

 On the 2nd day, they were scrimmaging, a kid and Reanna collided.  She went head first into the bleachers.  It took her out for a bit but not too long after she sat out, she was ready to play some more!

 Another neat thing about his camp is that he is actually coaching the kids.  Not just making an appearance and only signing autographs :)  He kept them going the whole time!!  

 LOVE this pic!!!  

 There is a story behind the water bottle.  At the end of each day he would pick out kids who he saw improved or did a quality really well.....well after her incidence where she was hurt and then got back into play, he rewarded her with one of his water bottles.  He told the group that what she did by getting back out there and playing was improvement and perseverance.  She was beaming :) 
 Then she also got him to sign my backpack....sweet ;) I was beyond thrilled that he spoke to me that day!  I was like a little at break time she came over to me and said "Mom, I will get his autograph for you later".  :) Gotta love that kid!

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