Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Church Events

 A few weeks ago we had an extra busy Church Service......

First up, the kids of the church lead the congregation in worship.
Hunter is behind the girl in white :) 

 Next was the 3rd graders.  When the kids enter 3rd grade they start attending regular church instead of children's church so to celebrate they all receive a new Bible from the church and have a little "ceremony".  

 And then the last thing was our family was asked to get up and speak about how Pastor Joyce (who was leaving that Sunday to move away) influenced us and played a role in our lives.  I was convinced I was going to stay strong...that was until I got on stage and seen her and started speaking.  I didn't hold it in so well.  We will miss her so much, she meant so much to our family and was with us through ups and downs.  

LOVE this pic!!!  And Love her!!! We will miss her terribly!

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