Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Reanna went to church camp for the first time this summer.  She would be gone 4 days and 3 nights....the longest she has been away from home.  I knew she would have a blast but the mommy side was going to miss her SO much!!

The days before leading up to camp, we gradually started getting her ready.  
 I prepared a letter for her to open each day....oh and I sent her a letter in the mail to open each day :)
 Before we get into the fun parts of camp...there is a little side note for me to document.....Monday she was leaving early afternoon.  I had to have her to the church and loaded up.  I was out of town that morning for work and had to make an extra unplanned stop before heading home to get her.  With that being said I needed to stop and grab lunch, where I was planning to eat was packed soooo begins the race to the house to pick up the family, then get something to eat and have her there again ON TIME.  Little did I know that my racing home would get me in trouble....I was headed down the street no paying a bit of attention until I came upon a police officer going well over the speed limit.  I tried slowing down but it was too late...out he pulled.  I thought just maybe since I had NEVER had a speeding ticket that I would just get a warning....oh no full blown ticket....$105 later I was on may way again and even that much later.....it doesn't pay to speed :)  I get home, we get food and off to the church we go.   I was trying to be so strong for her and not let her see me cry.  She made the comment one time that she had butterflies in her tummy and I told her she would do great and have a blast.  I did well, loaded her on the van, kissed her goodbye and turned around.....that my friends is where I lost it.  I cried the whole way home....I cried cause I would miss her, I cried cause she was getting to big and I cried because I got a dang speeding ticket.  Ok so now that all that is over, on to the fun stuff!!

Reanna and a friend from church!
 Horseback riding


Her Counselor

 Worship and Chapel Time

 The new pool!

 Miss (Pastor) Joyce who we will miss so much...more to come on that later!!

 Their Cabin--No AC, they actually had to rough it :)
 The Peterson Farm Bros showed up and sang a few songs
 I love these next few pictures that she took (which almost all of these she took herself)--she is so like me and is documenting everything including her bed and bad nook!! Love that girl!!! 

 Her buddies!

 Craft Time
 This was her keychain she made at crafts

 And Her target from when they did riflery

She had a great time and I don't know that she missed us :)  And even though they had all these fun activities they were there for one reason...to Worship God and that is what they did.  I loved how they had chapel time, devotion time and time to learn more about the Bible!  Thankful for our church family!

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