Monday, August 18, 2014

Bridal Shower!!

Pictures from my Cousin Ginny's bridal shower.  My mom and I were the hostess. We hope she had a wonderful day :)

 Her towel cake my mom made
 Gifts for those in attendance.  The back was filled with "Nutritional" facts (Love facts)
 The Bride with her sister
 Mother of the Bride trying to figure out the answers to her daughters questions...rather comical!! LOL

 And no shower can go with games!! :)
 My aunt is having people sign quilt blocks with "advice" and will put it together for her. What an awesome idea and something to cherish!

 She was being rather careful with the bows!!
 And to end with a selfish that my daughter prompted.  

We are looking forward to the wedding that is soon approaching!!

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