Sunday, August 31, 2014

School Daze

It is time to go back to school.  This year brings us a 3rd grader and a kindergartner!!!

The night before school starts our school has a back to school event where we can find the classrooms, bring supplies and meet the teacher that way it relieves some stress on the actual first day! It is huge for parents to have this night :) 

Reanna unpacking and organizing her desk.  She may have a little bit of me in her when she is organizing :)

 Her with her teacher...

 Then it was Hunter turn to unpack!
 With his teacher.....
 And a pic with the principal!

 They started school this year on different days, she started a day earlier, here is her 1st day!!

 My beautiful grown up little girl!!!

 She did hug me goodbye and away she went.  I have been taking Hunter to class so I drop her by her classroom before I take him, sometimes I get a hug, sometimes not :).....she is growing up way to fast!! 
 Next up was Hunter.  The night before we laid out his clothes and read his book.  We have only found up to 2nd grade :(

 Mommy's handsome big little man!

 He went into his classroom very easily but was a little quieter than normal, checking everything over.  Then he quietly sat down and started coloring!  When I picked him up that day, he looked and me and said " I didn't get into trouble"  :) 

They are in full swing and Hunter starts full days of Kindergarten this coming Tuesday.  Mommy did pretty well dropping them off,  and I at least made it outside and to the car before the tears started flowing!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Church Events

 A few weeks ago we had an extra busy Church Service......

First up, the kids of the church lead the congregation in worship.
Hunter is behind the girl in white :) 

 Next was the 3rd graders.  When the kids enter 3rd grade they start attending regular church instead of children's church so to celebrate they all receive a new Bible from the church and have a little "ceremony".  

 And then the last thing was our family was asked to get up and speak about how Pastor Joyce (who was leaving that Sunday to move away) influenced us and played a role in our lives.  I was convinced I was going to stay strong...that was until I got on stage and seen her and started speaking.  I didn't hold it in so well.  We will miss her so much, she meant so much to our family and was with us through ups and downs.  

LOVE this pic!!!  And Love her!!! We will miss her terribly!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Name Gallery #9

Some new states to add to our Kooper Collection!

This was taken on Folley Beach in Folley, South Carolina.  Our friends the Kelleys and the Florane's took this for us!

And these next 3 are from my Cousin Amber when she was in New York City!
 Taken at the 9/11 Memorial
 Time Square
Thank you all for remembering!! I have marked 2 more states on his map!
It is neat seeing the sites!  Love you all!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lemonade for Lungs

A few weeks ago our awesome kiddos held a Lemonade/Bake Sale to help with medical needs for their friends aunt.  She is on a waiting list for a double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis.  So proud of our kids and their giving hearts!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Events

 Lots of events to end out the summer!!

We checked out the movie Frozen in the park!  Our friends dad was sponsoring the evening.  

 Swimming with Friends....take note of Hunters floatie...more to come later :)

No floatie....after the swim with his friends, he went to my parents and we were in the pool he tried it a couple times without his floatie and the rest is History :)
 Cousin time--Aironna and Skyler!!!

Rodeo night!

 Chicken Scramble.
 Reanna was helping Colt out!

 They got 50 cent pieces for particpating
 ATV rodeo--Hunter didn't hardley move during this, his eyes were glued!
 Practicing Taekwondo--we were celebrating with my former instructor and the kids were trying it out.  Hunter thought he was a Ninja turtle....LOL

 More Swimming
 Playin football with dad--Future Heisman LOL
 Random shot of Koopers Tree turning red
 Movie Night at Kanopolis Drive In

 Eating at Daimaru

 Catching Shrimp

 Tuckered out from Fishing with Daddy and Papa
 Swimming at our friend Cindy's she was teaching Hunter to Dive...