Monday, July 21, 2014

Water Run??

The Kids, my brother, our cheerleader (my mom) and I headed out on a Saturday morning to do the Otter Water 5k Run.  This run supported the Hutch zoo getting the otter exhibit.  I thought it sounded like something different to try so I signed us up.

Zo and I did the 5k and the kids did the mile run. 
 Zo was not thrilled to be up this early running.....

 Throughout the race there were water obstacles set up, like a handmade "car wash", water guns, the fire station hose and of course a slip and slide at the finish line. It was actually nice to have the water along the way it was a little warm and humid! 

Lorenzo splashing through the finish line!
 No I did not slide...I still had to run a mile with Hunter :) And I was afraid I would hurt myself...LOL

 For not wanting to run, he placed 3rd in his division.....Nice Job Little Bro!!
 I was able to PR my run and place 5th out 16th in my division.  Not bad for an old slow lady :)

The kids run getting ready to start
 Check out her determination!!
 And Hunter takes off like crazy...I was like "Wait for me"

 She came sliding into home!
 His little legs took him as fast as they could.  He ran the whole mile with the exception of 2 brief stops when he seeing where I was.
 Pounds from the announcer
 And the best part....medals!!
 We did, we finished and we had fun.  The kids informed me that I was the only one that didn't get a medal. They are always good to make your day :) Love them bunches!!
 After the run we headed to the park to dry out a little.  
 Uncle joined them!

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