Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Reanna and Hunter took swimming lessons again this year.  Just a few shots that I have of them.

 Steve watched Carter a couple of days so the kids were excited that he got to come watch!

 This was on the last day and if they did well they got to get into the hot tub at the end of the session.

 All done.  He completed level 1.  On to the next level next summer. He did much better this year.  He did more diving of things on the bottom and was much more comfortable!! Very proud of him!

 She completed level 4.  She is a really good swimmer and enjoys learning the new swim strokes.  Proud of her as well! Hopefully she will continue and we can eventually get her certified and she can become a lifeguard at the pool when she is old enough :) Yeah!! 

So proud of them both for completing their levels!  We will see what next summer brings!!

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