Sunday, July 13, 2014

Go Green Machine

Green Machine was the name of Hunters Tball team this year :) He had a great year and we were very proud of him.  He had definitely improved from last year.  No playing in the dirt and was so much more focused on getting the ball where it needed to be.  We had excellent weather for tball this year.  Made it much more enjoyable :)

This was his first practice.

 I am thinking that this pose is in the baseball rule book! :)

 1st game!!

 As the games went on his hitting was much better and he made several catches and stops and was able to get a few outs himself!! Everytime he would do something he would look at us and give us a thumbs up....waiting for a thumbs up in return!!!
 During his "season" he had several special spectators.....
One of which was a surprise....Miss Joyce (our Children's Pastor at Church) came to watch.  He was so excited when he saw her!!
 We love her to pieces!!!!!

 GG and Papa Don and Papa Dana.....Another excited kiddo when he spotted them in the crowd.

 Last Game of the season....Aunt Duh Uncle Craig, uncle Zo, Nana and papa.  He gets so excited to have his cheering section.  Loves to show off!  Thanks to all of you who came to watch!! We love you!

 "Medal Ceremony" :) 
 Team Green Machine!!!  What a great time they had.  The kids did great! 
 Another season done!! .....And one last thumbs up!!

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