Saturday, July 5, 2014

Final Day of Vacation-Heading Home!

Wednesday morning, we got up and it was time to head home.  As much as I loved our family time together and all the fun things we did, I have to admit this momma was ready for her own bed :)

We took out somewhat early, hit breakfast and it was on the road we go!  We made a few pit stops but made it home in good timing.  

We no more than got home and the kids wanted to go swimming at Nana and Papas, so we headed to their house and swam.  This was my birthday so I decided to lay low :)  So I laid in the floaty soakin up the sun while the kids played.  

Later that eve, mom cooked for supper and we made smores' for my bday "cake"!   I couldn't think of a better way to spend "my" day.  I had done some shopping and picked out my present on the trip but nothing compares to this!!

I also got this life size birthday card that the kids drew me on the outdoors chalk board at my parents house.   
 Complete with a Jayhawk!!!!

It was a wonderful day!!! Even if I am another year older :)

Back to vacationing!  I was talking to a co worker after we got back and she was telling me about what she did with their girls when they were younger (they are my age).  They would let them each pick a different state each year to take a vacation to and then she would find things in that state for them to do!  Her idea triggered a thought..... wouldn't it be awesome to get a map and mark all the states we take a vacation too.  Our goal---visit all 50 states.....

Here is our map and we have 4 states marked.....Let the vacationing begin!!! :) 

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