Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Vaca Day 1 and 1/2

Our family took a mini vacation to Kansas City this last week.  Steve and I both took some vacation time....and off we went.  We stay for 5 days (some people were trying to figure out why we were going to Kansas City for 5 days....what would we me there was plenty to do and we still didn't get in all we wanted).  

I decided instead of overwhelming you with tons of pictures I would break it up into days.

Here is day 1/2....we left Friday after work....The kids were buckled in, fed and the movies playing.

 And daddy in the drivers seat!
 The hotel we stayed at had a racing theme throughout....we had to get a picture of this for Nana....her favorite drivers sponsor....and he even signed this.
 After we "moved" into the hotel, we went and drove around legends for a bit just to see what had changed since the last time we were there....after returning the kids wanted to play in the pool.  Our hotel pool had a built in slide which was great for Reanna (Hunter was too short and they wouldn't let me go with him....bummer)

 However he was fine entertaining himself in the shallow end.
 I have a picture just like this from when we took our Missouri trip and he was only 8 months old :)

 And a pic with my little big baby :)
 We finished up swimming and headed to bed.....

The next morning we planned to head to legends to do some shopping....thankfully the kids slept in a little bit.

We arrived at legends and of course they wanted to eat at TRex we shopped a little and told them if they were good we would eat there...yes that would be bribery :)

 Hunters Eyes were as big as saucers when we walked in.....
 While you wait for your food you can go walk around and see the aquariums and all the dinosaur exhibits...makes time go quickly waiting on your food
 Just warning there are a lot of selfies throughout our trip :) 

 Dinosaur nuggets are a must when eating here!
 Mommy and daughter got matching glasses...she had to have a picture!!
 This was dessert for the kids...a rice krispy treat that they could decorate.
 Inside the cafe is the Build a Dino away we went.

 Posing with their new friends...Zach the Triceratops, Trivia the Triceratops and a baby Tri for Kooper.  
 After TRex, we did more so many little time...

A little while later, Reanna thought we needed pedicures...who am I to tell her no :)

 After a little more shopping and Goodies from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory.....we headed back to the hotel.  We rested for a bit before heading out to supper and a movie.
 The movie theater was at legends and the kids wanted to see How to Train your Dragon 2.  It was a very cute movie that we all enjoyed! This was a good end to our 1st full day.

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