Friday, June 6, 2014

Preschool Graduation

Yet again another I can't believe it moment...Hunter graduated from Preschool.  Mommy had a very hard time with this....yes I did cry through a majority of the program and it was big tears :) It was so bittersweet...on one hand I love watching him grow up but yet he is my baby and yet he is not my baby, I should still have another one that will go to preschool.  Needless to say it was a very emotional night.  

Getting ready to go on stage!
 Insert a few pics that the school had taken!!!!

 Here was his trophy and award he received for memorizing his Bible verses every month.  

 Getting his "diploma"
 They sang several cute songs, then they left the stage to get their cap and gown while we watched a video of the year.   Again let the water works begin!! 

 His "fan" club which also included papa and Nana, Papa Ray and Mommy and daddy.

 Ms Tabetha
 Ms Treva--We will miss those ladies sooo much!!

 After graduation we had a little party for him!  Ice Cream Cake....

 And of course a few gifts which included a "debit" card to Walmart :) 

 These were the flowers and gift card that were presented to me during the graduation.  I had no idea and they called my name to come up.  I was mortified yet grateful.  They were thanking me for chairing the float and for doing some extra work to help out the school.  

Hunter did very well in preschool. I seen him progress in a lot of ways.  It is amazing how they grow mentally and physically.  She told me at his last conference he was more than ready for here he comes!!!  Watch out :) 

And last but not least, this is his favorite book that by the end of the year he was able to read the whole thing all by himself. 
Very glad my kiddos love to read!!! 
On to the next venture in life.  We are so proud of you bubba and Love you so much!!

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