Monday, June 9, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Can you tell I am catching up on my blog posts?  :)

Here was our memorial day weekend in a nut shell!
We helped Papa put up the pool!
 Then Uncle Zo made supper and was teaching Reanna some culinary arts :)
 The next day the pool was filled and the kids really wanted to swim.....brrrrr.  They didn't stay in long!

 Hunter moved on to where it was warmer.

 Daddy took the kids fishing....Hunter got to use his new birthday pole!  And caught 3 fish.  Sissy caught 1 and Daddy caught 2.

 We decided to get a new outdoor tent.  Steve has been wanting all of us to go camping this summer.  So the first outing was in the backyard.  A test run of the tent really!

 I wasn't sure if the kids would make it all night long but once they laid down they were out!

 That same weekend we headed to Wichita to play around and Uncle wanted to take the kids to a newer place called Get Air--a big warehouse full of trampolines!!  Mainly for Hunters bday but we all enjoyed it.  I have several pictures of Hunter because Reanna was here there and everywhere :)  
In the foam pit.  He was like a snake slithering across these foam cubes, it was so funny!

 She wanted to try everything.  Dodge ball, the foam pit, the tight rope, basketball, flipping, you name it she was there.  
 Uncle Zo was having just as much fun.

 Mommy tried it out too but my knees are just a little weak....they would give out on me pretty easily.  Rather humorous to those around me and who caught me on video.....right Nana??  But it was fun! 
And then a visit to our Baby boy topped off the weekend.

With all that being said and all the fun.....A tribute and a huge thanks for the real reason for Memorial day.....our Military persons!!! Thank you for all you do!

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