Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Half Marathon x2

A little over a month ago, we headed to OKC for our 2nd Half Marathon.  We know more than got into town and decided we needed to eat at our newly found favorite restaurant in OKC.  Somehow someway Chet spotted this last year and it was amazing!!!!
 Celebrating Mindy's bday :) 
 Later that evening we headed down to Bricktown and after a few changes in plans :)..... we found a nice restaurant that served these yummy drinks and some amazing desserts.  We all shared the drinks, however I think Steve drank most of Mindy and I's :)
 Great Times!!!
 Saturday we headed to the OKC Memorial Museum...The reason we run!

 There are no words to describe any of this.  I am not sure if any of us left with dry eyes.

A few shots of the race starting area.
 After the museum it was on to packet pick up....this is where it became real....we were doing it again and the guys were doing it for the first time.

 After a little rest, we headed to the Race track and casino......where we left with less than we came with...but hey it is all about the entertainment!! 
 My brother joined up with us....he was running his first half as well.

 Great Friends!!!
 And we won nothing!!!

 The next few pics are of statues of places in Oklahoma City that were made out of legos. AMAZING!!!

 As usual my OCD was kicking in and so I made myself a little pile of everything I needed for morning!!! And off to sleep we went....well kind of!
 It was an early start to the morning 3:45 am came really fast....Here is my tattoo I put on to attempt to follow to keep a good time. 
 1st selfie of the day
 As we get to downtown where the race is at, it starts pouring....we wait under a bridge until it stops and head towards the starting line.  We make it to the restrooms and are getting ourself pumped....when the announcer says that we will be starting at 7:00 instead of 6:30.   Pretty soon he is telling us to find a place to get under shelter because of lightening, hail and wind.
 So we found a little bike awning and waited and waited.. They called a delay up until 8:00 am.  If they would delay it anymore they would have to cancel.....we waited and waited....

 And waited.....
 Watched the rain and hail and clouds move in......
 Took pictures with Captain America....
 And our usual foot pic.....
 When finally at 8:00am they told us to line up and we would be starting at 8:15...almost a 2 hour delay....and that is when the butterflies really kicked in....more selfies....

 I can't even see the starting line...
 A few more selfies and then we were off!!!
 I felt pretty good from mile 1-8, then 9 and 10 were getting mile 11 (which I had not walked at this point), I did walk for a very brief time up yet another big (which seemed like a mountain at that point) hill and then took off running to the finish.   There is nothing like seeing that finish line and knowing you just did that.....

Our finish line pic.....
 Steve as he just finished up!
 A big shout to these awesome guys...this was their first half and they rocked it!!!
 So proud of my hubby for doing this with me.  He had only trained up to 6 miles before the run and pulled off 13 miles in which he ran a good portion of it.  (A side note....the bathrooms are never too far) :) 

So proud of all of us!  We finished up the weekend with great food at the Cheescake Factory!!!
Thank you all for your support!

These are our Official Certificate saying we completed the race!  I was able to PR this race.  I shaved 7 minutes off my last years time.....Lets see if I can do it again some time ;) 

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