Thursday, June 5, 2014

All Schools Day

The 2nd Friday in May is always our city's All Schools day.  It goes the whole week with a carnival, concerts, May Fete, movies, food, and then the BIG parade on Friday.  This year was Hunter's first year to be in May Fete and ride a float with his Preschool.

Here are some pictures of his preschool performance at May Fete.  They sang the song "boots". Hence the boots on :)


 This picture was the night before, they were suppose to perform on Wednesday but it got rained out so they performed on Thursday night.
 Um yeah, he is not waving at his family he is waving to his "Friend" Everlee!

 Our Friend Reese performing with her Dance Group! Very Cute!!
 Now on to Friday Morning--parade day.  There are 10s of 1000's of people that gather in McPherson for the annual parade. They line the streets and enjoy the show.  

Reanna got to walk and hand out candy this year with her friend whose grandpa is campaigning this year.  
 Hunter on the float ready to go!
 Here is our completed float.....let's backup for just a few moments.  The preschool leaves it up to parents to build the float.  Without the float.  We went to the first meeting to help and came out being Co chairs---which then ended up being Chairs of the float.  Yes Sucker is written on our forehead.  It is tough sometimes in these positions but I have to keep telling myself we are doing it for our kids.  We had a couple of families that pitched in and we got it done!! And won for our Preschool division :)  Ok moving on......

 We love and will miss Ms. Treva!
 Nana and Papa, Aunt Duh, Craig, Cassie and Cade were all gathered waiting to see them!

 Daddy rode in the truck that pulled the float.

 And mommy walked beside it!

 Pic of the float our friends built and their kiddos were creative!!! They won their division!!
 Tucker on the FFA float....can't believe he is going to be a Senior....

 After we got off the float, we headed to where our family was sitting and finished watching the parade.  I love this about our community.  It is a day we look for each year.  So many things to do and see.  
Now on to next year where we get to build yet another float for him for his Kindergarten class! Oh boy!  Doing it for the kids!!!

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