Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Vaca Day 3

Let me back up a little. One of the main reasons we decided to take vacation to Kansas City was so the guys (My husband, dad, brother and "cousin in law") could all go ride the new Water Slide at Schlitterbahn.  It was supposed to be opened a couple of weekends before we were planning to go.  We set a date and somewhat planned on that...... However during those weeks leading up to vaca, the slide kept being postponed due to some issues with the test dummies. Shortly before we left we knew it was not going to be open (which then schedules were not going to work out either).  We still decided we would go since we already had some plans made and the kids and us could still enjoy the water park.  Ok on to vacation...... :)

 There was an amazing "lazy river" that took you all over the park and made it to where some of the attractions you didn't even have to get out.  It had a part where it was like white water rafting, a section of tidal waves and then a pretty cool slide...all within the river.  I absolutely loved it :)
This was the first slide we attempted, it didn't look too bad from the ground, as I got closer I found out there was a pretty good drop at the beginning, I wasn't sure how Hunter would react.  He was in a tube with me, we were already in line so away we went.  It takes you up a conveyor belt and then drops you, my stomach was in  my throat--mind you I don't do drops on rides too well!  Then it drops you a small drop again and sends you through a black tunnel.  Hunter had not moved, screamed or nothing as we were riding along....still not sure how he was taking it.  At the bottom when you come out you just float on out to the lazy river.  I waited a minute or two and he turned around and looked at the slide and says "That was awesome can I do it again? " Whew!!! So of course later on we did it again!
 They had cute little kid areas which we didn't play in that much, more towards the end when we were getting ready to go home.
 These were the others slides we rode.  The first time down we all did the greenish colored one, which is just loopy and fast.  The second time down, Reanna and Steve went on the Black Knight which is a tunnel the whole way and really loopy and fast.   They loved it.  

 Here is the infamous Verruckt...We got to watch them work on it.  Steve was so sad everytime we would float by it....he wanted it on it baddddd.  ;) It just made me sick looking at it :)

 We were there the majority of the day--the day could not have been better, mostly sunny and not too busy!! We will be back!!
 We headed back to clean up and get ready for supper.  I texted my cousin Amber to see if she wanted to meet for supper.  She lives in Topeka so she said she would drive up to meet us.  We had a nice relaxing (the best you can have with kiddos) :) supper!  So glad you could eat with us Amber!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Vaca Day 2

Day 2 was packed full of more fun!!  

First stop Sea Life. The pictures are a little dark--they would not let me have my flash on ;(

Reanna and Steve touched the Sea Life but Hunter and I were both content just looking!

Hunter's Favorite part--the sharks

Jelly Fish--they were so neat it was like they were changing colors

Throughout the aquarium there was trivia that you could answer, when you turned in the card they gave you a medal!! 
Next up was Lego Land!!!

Kansas Speedway
Kauffman Stadium
Crown Center

Wizard of Oz

Throughout the tour they had a couple different rides.  Once of them was like a controlled car ride and you took out the bad lego guys during your ride.

The other ride was a bike looking thing that went round and round and you pedaled it.  The faster you pedaled the higher you went.

A Play Area

Complete with a 4D movie that we were rained on, snowed on, wind blown and sneezed on :)

After we left lego land we headed to eat at the Crayola factory.  However when we walked in we found Fritz's.  I had heard about this before but had never went so we decided to check it out.  You order your food by phone and then they deliver it by train.  Crazy!! but fun!

The Crayola Store

More lego statues.  The kids wanted to pose like them!
Pictures they took at sea life and lego land

After we left crown center we went and did a little more shopping in the legends area and headed back for the hotel.
This is very random, but I wanted to show that I did run 1 day while I was on vacation--mind you that I said 1 day :)  I got on the dreaded treadmill and ran 3 miles.  I don't really do well taking pictures and running at the same time ;) 

This filled up day 2.  The kids were exhausted and ready for bed.  Not to mention so was mom and dad!