Monday, May 19, 2014

"Going to the Zoo..Zoo..Zoo"

I was able to get to go with Hunter on his preschool zoo field trip.....It was a little windy but a nice day 

A little Zoo selfie!

 All the kiddos!
 The only boy in his class...always surrounded by girls :)

 Mommy's little man!

 Time for a picnic!!

Love getting to do things like this!!

Monday, May 12, 2014


Just a warning there are lots of pictures in the post.  And I am really sorry that they are not in order.  When I selected all blogger put them basically backwards....ahhhh what that does to an OCD person :)

Easter Morning

 Ready for Church
 This was the egg hunt the day before Easter.
 This was the glow in the dark egg hunt the night before Easter.

 Easter Baskets filled from the Easter Bunny

 Egg Hunt Easter Day at Nana and Papa's. Tucker hid the eggs (and we think there are still some missing) :)

 More of the egg hunt at the park.  This was Reanna's last year to hunt.  So very sad!!!

 Decorating eggs!
 I found these whopper eggs that the kids could color on with food color markers.  They ate a few along the way.

 What a Sweetheart!!!
 Tyler and Hunter ready to hunt!

 Hunter and the girls--Evee and Charlee

 We made Easter Jello Jigglers for the Easter Bunny.  Yum!

 Easter at Nana and Papa's.  Nana cracked a confetti egg over GG's head :) 

So sorry for the randomness....really does bother me but not worth the time to rearrange individually ;)  So therefore, I will let it go!!!