Thursday, April 24, 2014

Name Gallery #7

A few pictures for Kooper's Gallery from his brother and sister:

Hunter drew this on the bathtub with this tub crayons.

And Reanna did this at Easter for him!

Dr. Visit

What started out as a Dr. office visit when Hunter had been sick for a couple of days with a tummy bug turned into 2 1/2 hours in the ER while he had fluids pumped into him.  Poor little guy was dehydrated and his blood sugar was a little out of sorts from being sick.  As much as I tried to keep pushing fluids, it still wasn't enough :(  He was so brave though.  They had to do the IV of course and he whimpered a little and that was it.  Then later and the next day they did blood work and poked his finger and it didn't even bother him.

Poor little guy...But the good news was he quickly recovered after all the fluids and is back to himself :)

Yes this is my selfie with him :) He was so snuggly but I hated that he was sick! 

 Waiting patiently to go home! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Color Run

A few weeks ago our family and friends participated in a Color Run that benefited a local teacher that was in a serious car wreck.  They had an awesome turn out and we were all glad we could be a part of it.  These pics are really in no order so enjoy :)

Ready for the kids run!

 Hunter and Reanna.  Reanna stayed back and ran with her brother.  She was very sweet for doing that (and even carried him through the color parts)....she's is sometimes a little too motherly but very sweet :)
 I love how he gets his arms into his run.
 At the finish!
 Reanna with some of her friends from school.
 And her with her medal.
 Yeah for all our finishers!!!

 Here is the full clan that ran!!
 The Dads!! :) 
And were off!

 Finish line for all of us!

 This was Steve's 3rd 5k and his best time yet.  Yeah!!

Fun times for all of us!! Thanks to Mindy and Jami for some of the pics above!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun at School

2 Weeks ago the school did a fundraiser--everyday that you brought a quarter in you could participate in spirit week.  I didn't get all her pictures but the days were Wacky Hair Day, Mismatch day, PJ day and Favorite team day (she picked bullpups). 

Here was wacky hair day.

PJ Day

And a Side note...her Spring pictures :) She is getting so grown up. Love my beautiful girl!!