Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scattered Thoughts

This post is exactly what the title says, my scattered thoughts.  I was digging through pictures on my phone and found a bunch I wanted for a my blog book....so here we are ;)

Way back in September, Reanna's class went to the state fair.  They went to a magic show while they were there and Reanna was chosen to be the helper on stage.  Thanks to Chelsea and Ayda for catching and sending me a couple of pictures.

 With Steve starting a new job not terribly long ago, he wasn't able to attend Donuts with Dad for Hunter's Preschool.  So thankfully uncle came to our rescue and went.  Uncle was very nervous to go and be with all those little kids but when he was done he said he had fun and it wasn't too bad ;)
So Glad he go for Hunter.

On their way to school. Hunter wanted to ride in Uncles car--Pepe.


 A few weekends ago our cousins Becky, Tate and Kamdyn came down to visit.  My cousin Becky has always loved coming to McPherson to feed the ducks.  She thinks our parks are so pretty in which I agree.  So while she was here with her g-babies (that is what she calls her grandkids), we fed the ducks and went to the "yellow" park.  It was a tad chilly but they still had fun.

 Hunter would rather sit and eat the bread....it was new bread and not old and moldy bread :) 

 Our trio has been starting to train for our 1/2 marathon coming up and along the way my husband has been doing just a little running himself.....so the other night after the 3 of us finished up our running, Reanna wanted to go on a run with her dad....so away they went.

Her ready to run! The outfit has to be complete before she can go.  Not sure where she would get that from ;)
 Not sure what is up with my eye...

 And I have no words for this.  I got this picture from my aunt when they spent the night with her.  Reanna was doing a pedicure for Aunt Duh and somehow Hunter ended up with his feet in the spa :)  I will just use this for when he is older.....LOL
 How sweet is this picture? I also found this that my mom sent when she was watching Hunter and Everlee one day. According to Hunter, this is his girlfriend.....:) 

Happy Cold and Snowy Tuesday! Stay safe and warm!

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