Saturday, February 22, 2014

Love Day

Some random pictures of Valentines....

Making Valentines for School,

Hunter writing his name on all of his.  He wasn't having fun by the time he was done :)
 Reanna cutting hers all out
 What a pile
 Hunter's are complete!

 Another Pile
 All done
 My husband and the kids sent me a dozen roses to work.  I actually wasn't expecting anything so it was a nice surprise :)
 For some weird reason I did not take a picture of the spread we had left on the breakfast table for the kids on Valentines Morning.  There were some books, hat, cups,shirts, purse (for Reanna of course) and a scarf. And of course some chocolate

This was Reanna's valentines box she made (with Nana's help) for school.

 Hunter's Valentine Bag he made at school.

Since I helped with Hunters Christmas party, I helped with Reanna's Valentines party.  I was in charge of games and we did a couple minute to win it games.  They included seeing which team could stack the conversation hearts the fastest and then cupids arrow (who could spit the most qtips through a straw into a bowl in 60 seconds).  I think the kids had fun but I had a blast watching them. :)
That concluded our Valentines Day, we had company coming in for Cassie's baby shower so we spent the evening with them!!

Happy Love Day!!!

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