Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Teaser

A few weeks ago, I had the day off and the weather was gorgeous.  So after I picked up the kids, we headed to the park.  We fed the ducks and geese.  There were tons of them and our bread didn't last long.
 Yes, Hunter does have his jammies on, it was PJ day at school :) We at least switched out his slippers for this tennis shoes!

 After that we headed to the playground at the park.  The kids went to play and mommy soaked up the sun and started her new book.  

LOVE, LOVE days like this.  Why can't it happen more often :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Love Day

Some random pictures of Valentines....

Making Valentines for School,

Hunter writing his name on all of his.  He wasn't having fun by the time he was done :)
 Reanna cutting hers all out
 What a pile
 Hunter's are complete!

 Another Pile
 All done
 My husband and the kids sent me a dozen roses to work.  I actually wasn't expecting anything so it was a nice surprise :)
 For some weird reason I did not take a picture of the spread we had left on the breakfast table for the kids on Valentines Morning.  There were some books, hat, cups,shirts, purse (for Reanna of course) and a scarf. And of course some chocolate

This was Reanna's valentines box she made (with Nana's help) for school.

 Hunter's Valentine Bag he made at school.

Since I helped with Hunters Christmas party, I helped with Reanna's Valentines party.  I was in charge of games and we did a couple minute to win it games.  They included seeing which team could stack the conversation hearts the fastest and then cupids arrow (who could spit the most qtips through a straw into a bowl in 60 seconds).  I think the kids had fun but I had a blast watching them. :)
That concluded our Valentines Day, we had company coming in for Cassie's baby shower so we spent the evening with them!!

Happy Love Day!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cheering for the Pups

Another half time performance by the "little" cheerleaders.  

 Some shimming going on here.

She was cracking me up during her performance, she kept waving to people she knew in the audience. Love that girl. :)  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scattered Thoughts

This post is exactly what the title says, my scattered thoughts.  I was digging through pictures on my phone and found a bunch I wanted for a my blog here we are ;)

Way back in September, Reanna's class went to the state fair.  They went to a magic show while they were there and Reanna was chosen to be the helper on stage.  Thanks to Chelsea and Ayda for catching and sending me a couple of pictures.

 With Steve starting a new job not terribly long ago, he wasn't able to attend Donuts with Dad for Hunter's Preschool.  So thankfully uncle came to our rescue and went.  Uncle was very nervous to go and be with all those little kids but when he was done he said he had fun and it wasn't too bad ;)
So Glad he go for Hunter.

On their way to school. Hunter wanted to ride in Uncles car--Pepe.


 A few weekends ago our cousins Becky, Tate and Kamdyn came down to visit.  My cousin Becky has always loved coming to McPherson to feed the ducks.  She thinks our parks are so pretty in which I agree.  So while she was here with her g-babies (that is what she calls her grandkids), we fed the ducks and went to the "yellow" park.  It was a tad chilly but they still had fun.

 Hunter would rather sit and eat the was new bread and not old and moldy bread :) 

 Our trio has been starting to train for our 1/2 marathon coming up and along the way my husband has been doing just a little running the other night after the 3 of us finished up our running, Reanna wanted to go on a run with her away they went.

Her ready to run! The outfit has to be complete before she can go.  Not sure where she would get that from ;)
 Not sure what is up with my eye...

 And I have no words for this.  I got this picture from my aunt when they spent the night with her.  Reanna was doing a pedicure for Aunt Duh and somehow Hunter ended up with his feet in the spa :)  I will just use this for when he is older.....LOL
 How sweet is this picture? I also found this that my mom sent when she was watching Hunter and Everlee one day. According to Hunter, this is his girlfriend.....:) 

Happy Cold and Snowy Tuesday! Stay safe and warm!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bball 2013-2014

Wow, I can't believe another basketball "season" has come and gone again.  This is probably one of my favorites to watch.  I have to admit that I do get into the games quite a bit.  But I try to be very nice and tactful about it and I also cheer on all the kids on both teams. Reanna did very well this season and the girls on her team got along great.  I noticed that at every game they got a little better and played as a team! Some of my pictures are not great, for some reason my camera was really dark on some pics and just fine on others.  And I didn't get a lot cause I was busy watching and forgetting to take pictures :) 

1st Game! 

 Game 2

 There were a few games in between here.  And one of them she scored 7 or 8 baskets herself.  (Yes I am "bragging" a little on her but this is my documentation :) )

This next game was a tough game for the girls.  There were different rules than what they were used to and time. They were behind quite a bit the 1st half.  But they came out the 2nd half and were on fire.  They worked together as a team and came back to be either 2 pts down, tieing the game or 2 points up.  (Yes, here comes another Reanna story)..... We were down by 2 and 2 minutes to go to the end of the game....Reanna steals the ball and scores.  The other team gets the ball to half court, Reanna steals the ball again and scores putting them up by two.  The other team put one of their older girls (she was really good) in to try to tie the game up and our team (everyone) did a great job of guarding and they couldn't score and our team ended up winning.  Talk about getting into the game that will make you sit on the edge of your seat.  I know, I know they are only in the 2nd grade but they are still so fun to watch!!!
 And the last game!

 The coach brought pens for all the girls to sign each others shirts.  They thought that was pretty cool!

 Team Pic (we were missing one)

Sad that it is over! Can't wait until next year.....and then we will have 2 playing....I can only imagine what that will be like :)