Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chunky Cheese's

Yes the title does say Chunky Cheese's not Chuck E. Cheese's.  My aunt always calls it Chunky Cheese's :)  Her and and my uncle took the kids a couple of months ago to Wichita and took them to Chuck E. Cheese's and then they were going to go to the Zoo but they spent too much time at Chuck E's so they ended up a Build a Bear!!

 From what I heard they had cotton candy, pop, ice cream and who knows what else! These are big treats for them :)

 Reanna vs. Uncle "fraig" on one knee!!

 My aunt felt bad that they didn't get to go to the zoo so she "made it up" to them by taking them to build a bear.  Hunter got a camo bear with a spider man outfit and named him Spidey.  Reanna got a rainbow bear with a couple of outfits and named her Selena.  
When they got home they were talking 90 to nothing about their day.  I would say they enjoyed it!  Thanks Aunt "duh" and Uncle "fraig" for their fun day!!!

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