Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Spa Day

Awhile back we decided we needed some mommy time (and it just so happened to be our 1 year "run"niversary--so we can use that as an excuse :)--not that we needed one anyway...) so we made a time to head to Hays to the Rock Haven Spa.  Let's just say the best decision ever.  And that this needs to be annual thing :) I had never been here and it was AMAZING!!!!

 We arrived at the spa that is a little ways out of town in this secluded area.  
Here is our attempt at a selfie ;)
That wasn't working so well so we finally got an employee to take one!

First stop was the outdoor hot tub.  Complete with Champagne and snacks.  I thought this was so relaxing.....little did I know this was only the beginning!

 After the hot tub was the sauna and scrub.  It was a little steamy but we made it through and the scrub made our skin so soft!  WOW.....
 And last......our 1 hour massage.  Another attempt at a selfie.  Can you tell we just finished our massages? We felt great!
 We finished at the spa that took up our afternoon and topped off our day with Mexican food and Margaritas.  
It was such an amazing day with some awesome friends.  So thankful that we were able to do this and looking forward to doing it again.

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