Saturday, December 28, 2013

Santa in the "Hood"

Getting together for our annual Santa visit with our friends. 
This was our 6th year to do Santa in the hood with the kids. First up was Christmas Bingo......

 She is sooo sweet!

 The kids just saw the visitor walk in the door, love their expressions!!

 Santa brought the kids all books.

 Buchman Family
 Eilrich family....Hunter wanted super heroes and Reanna wanted an American Girl Doll and her appliance off...Santa was so nice to tell her he would see what he could do about that.. Thanks Santa :)

 Cooper Family
 Allen Family.  Hayden wasn't too sure! :)
 2013 Group Picture
 As I mentioned earlier this was our 6th year.  Here is the photo from our first year.  My how our group has grown.  
So thankful for our friends.  Love doing this each year and hope the tradition continues!!

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