Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reanna Post

Reanna had/has to get appliances on her top and bottom teeth.  Her mouth is very narrow making it hard for her big teeth to come in.  A few weeks ago we got her top one on.  We have to use a key to expand it everyday for 21 days.  Once that is done she goes back for the bottom appliance (she still has to keep the top one in) and then after that she has to have braces on her top two bottom and top teeth.  We hope all of this will be enough that we do not have to have the full set up braces and that it will correct her overbite.  We are praying hard for that :) She has done great with all of this.  It has been hard not to get to eat some foods and it was a little sore at first but otherwise she has not complained about it and just gets it expanded every day without making a fuss! Such a big girl!!
 Sorry for the detailed pic but of course I am documenting things through my blog ;)

 On to a better note, Reanna's class was working on a Native American section in History.  All the kids had to make a project at school, research about it and then give a presentation to the parents on it.  Reanna did buffaloes, she did great on her buffalo that she made out of clay and did very well on her presentation to all the parents.  I don't think she was nervous at all!!

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