Monday, December 16, 2013


Picking out the perfect pumpkins from the local patch.

This is how we decorated part of his pumpkin :)
 All 3 kiddos
 Hunter was Uncle Si for Halloween.  We took the kids to a costume contest the community puts on and then trick or treating down Main Street.  Hunter won the contest.

 Reanna was Cotton Candy.  She was runner up :) It was between her and I think it was a lollipop and the lollipop won. She was an awesome sport about it and even was happy her brother won!!

 Their pumpkins in the Pumpkin Decorating contest.
 Pumpkin Carving with Nana and Papa

 Finished Products
 We didn't do a whole lot of trick or treating this year.  Some of the "usual's" were not home this year.
So we went a couple of places and then the kids went back to my parents to hand out candy.

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