Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 on Tuesday

Some of these are old but wanted to get them on my blog :)

1. A summer time bike ride.

 2. The end of year Wednesday Night Church get together

 3. Came out to the garage to find this.  I think he had papa's tools.

 4. Hunter and I went to eat lunch with sissy at school (and were photo bombed) :)
 5. Reanna and her friend Danica at the K-State game.  It was painful for Steve and I to think about but we were glad they had a great time and she was with good friends.
 6. Way back in the spring we had a neighborhood garage sale.  Reanna and Carter sold cookies and lemonade.  And they have such big hearts that they donated the money to the summer lunch program to help kids in our community!!!

 7. Church Service Project--the kids served people in our community at the Loaves and Fishes meal.

 8. The kids with GG and Papa Don, they were teaching them the ipod and the smart phone :)

 9. In early November, we got to spend some time with the Alderson side of the family and met in Salina for supper.  Some quick pics. I didn't get many pictures as we were catching up!!

 10.  Some recent running pics....the top one is at our Turkey Trot we did a couple of weeks ago.  It was COLD but it was my best time for a 5k.  And the bottom pic is us cheering on our fellow running friends at their marathon they did in October.  Amazing (and a little crazy) :)!!!
On a side note on the subject of running--my friends reminded me that October was our
1 year "run-iversary". Can't believe I have stuck with it that long....oh wait I have good accountability :) Thanks to all for the support!  On to year 2!!!

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