Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tanganika 5k

Because 14.5 miles running to the donut shop wasn't enough in a weekend, we decided to run a 5k that Sunday.  We actually had this planned before the donut run :)  I decided to sign the whole family up!  

It was a gorgeous morning for a 5k and 1k (for Hunter). Mom and Dad came to cheer us all on and take pics!

 Zo was like a maniac and took off and finished in an awesome time!

 I however didn't have my best time....I think I will blame it on the blisters and the bum foot :) LOL
Steve stayed with Reanna....this was Steve's first one.  They both did awesome!  Very proud of them both. And in fact got Steve pumped to do a little more running. 

After I ran my 3 miles, I ran a half mile with Hunter. I thought "oh this will be a bit of a break for me after running and maybe he would walk some and take time to watch the animals as we ran through the zoo".......
 ....Well I was wrong....he took off as you see below...leaving me in the dust.
 He ran almost the entire way, he walked twice when people "were in his way" :) 

 Crossing the finish!  So proud of him too!
And we are done!!!!

 Cinderella was even there for pics! 
 If you ran in the 5k or the 1k you got free tickets to the Tanganika Zoo, so we decided to check it out after running.  By this time is was scorching hot and we didn't stay a terrible long time. Enough to satisfy the kids!

 I LOVED the kangaroos!

 The kids really liked the guinea pigs, in fact Hunter liked them so much he is trying to tell Santa he wants one for Christmas!! Hmmmm....

Had an awesome time, love watching my kiddos (and family) enjoy something that this healthy and fun at the same time!!

Side note: By Sunday my total mileage for the weekend was 18 miles.  That is close enough to a marathon for me :) LOL

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