Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pre-K Happenings

Just some preschool happenings!

Grandparents Day!! Papa and Nana were both able to make it.  

 Field Trip to the Fire Department

 Sooo he can pull that off.....

 Working on his "homework", a little disgusted at his sister I am guessing!

 Muffins with Mom
 Ms. Treva read her version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", it was called "If you Give Mom a Muffin" could not be more typical in the life of a mother :) Loved it!!!!!

He had conferences back in October and she said he is doing great, he is right on track, a little above in some things and LOVING reading...thank you Lord.  The only things that were still work in progress was with him using two feet to go down the stairs and bouncing a HUGE ball....she said that was due to him being "petite" (those are her words) :)  So proud of my little man!! He is growing too fast!

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