Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Fling

Before I get to the main point of this post...a little side note.....Steve got a new job just a couple of months ago.  He has been trying to get this job for a LONG while now and after all his hard work and persistence, he finally was hired on.  We are very proud and excited for him!!! Now why was that important in this post?  Well....that is why we were at the fall fling.  The company he works for rented out the Gaddert Farm Pumpkin patch for all the workers and their families.  So we attended.  The kids (and us) had a great time!

Jumping on the big pillow

 They are growing up way to fast!!!

 These machines shot out corn cobs and pumpkins.  The kids LOVED them and wanted to keep doing it.  I finally had to drag them away!

 Sling a pumpkin!

 We went through the big corn maze that they do every year,  we were lost right away.  Finally MOMMY had to ask directions and then Daddy led the way the rest of the time.
 I had no clue where we were :) Hunter and I just followed Reanna and Steve
 Just a random pic!
 There were stops along the way in the maze to tell you where you were at.  Each animal we came to the kids posed like that animal.
 Next up a horse and buggy ride to the pumpkin patch.

 Barrel Train Ride.
 Time for mommy to get some pictures of course.

 The kids jumping into the haystack....
 Pumpkin bowling...
 And the tube slide...
 It got real slick once you hit this plastic at the bottom, you can see Steve slowing Reanna down so she didn't thud on her bum :)
 And the best part of the night was supper. They had everything you can imagine hot dogs, ice cream, floats, popcorn, and list goes on and supper consisted of a Navajo taco, some of this yummy funnel cake and you can't go to Gadderts without having and ear of corn.  WOW, I was full.  

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

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