Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Off to the Races

Hunter loves cars and racing (why wouldn't he when the family is crazy about Nascar) :) It just so happened that my cousin started racing sprint cars this year.  The kids were able to go watch him a couple of times. 
 Some of the fam...
 He is such a goofball!
 Reanna thought she needed the headphones....I assure you they didn't last long. (The cars weren't terribly loud anyways)
 Go #99--Preston. The cool thing about his number is my Great Uncle (his grandpa) and our Great Grandpa also had that number when they raced.  On the top of his car he has the words "In memory of Grandpa Jim".  He would have loved watching Preston race!!
 After one of the races, the kids got to go down to the pits and sit in his car.  They were beyond thrilled.

 Future racer in the making....or at least he says he is! :)
 The kids with Preston.  He came up in the stands to see them and then at the next race he brought them both pictures of him racing and sat with them until he had to go race again.  It was so neat for them.  According to the kids, Preston is a Nascar racer ;)

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