Monday, October 28, 2013

Donut Run?

National Donut Day gave a friend of ours an idea that we should run 27 miles to the infamous donut shop in Newton...Drubers.  She planned out this event and ask if we wanted to go and like crazy people we agreed....27 miles to go eat donuts.  REALLY????? 
 I was really excited-nervous to do it and even talked my brother into going.

Pre Run!!

We started out at 6:30 pm and headed south.  I made it through the edge of town and to the road that headed strait to the donuts.....which was about 2 or 3 miles and I already thought I was dying :)  It was so hot that evening and not a lot of wind to help cool it off. This was the point I was trying to figure out what the heck I was doing and I still had 24 miles to go.
1st road sign...we were headed the right way.
  1st town and Stop.....We had cars following us making sure we were ok and then stopped when we needed a break and water.  

We trekked on for what seemed like forever. (Side note---after the first 3 miles I alternated walking and jogging). 

 Finally, we hit the next town as we continued to dodge numerous vehicles.  We got to town just as the ball game was getting out....crazy--My Pic is blurry cause I was actually jogging while taking the pic! We were half way their 13 miles.  At this point my brother was done.....(he did the 13 miles without even training. I have to say he did better than I did and I have ran a half....LOL)  After getting through the little town, my friend Jami and I decided our bodies had enough.  Ultimately I am glad I stopped....I ended up with blisters and a sore ankle the next day.  However that small competitive piece of me wanted to say I did the whole thing :) Oh well!!

So we hopped in the truck that my mom was driving and so graciously agreed to be our follow car.  We continued to cheer on the few that were making it the whole way. And of course we wanted to get in on the donut action.
 About a mile outside of our destination, Jami and I decide we would bring up the home stretch with them and run that last mile to the donut shop.  

And we made it. Roughly 1:30 the next morning!

 Here is our group photo--little distorted......Their were 4 people who ran the full 27 miles and the rest of us did half or a little over (including our friends Grandma--she was awesome.).  Jami and I totaled 14.5 miles.  A PR distance for both us (not a PR on speed for me at all....LOL)
 And finally the time had come to enjoy what we were set out to donuts.....funny thing is....I don't like donuts.....:)

What a crazy night.....never thought I would have done that.....But glad I could be a part of it.

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