Sunday, September 22, 2013

1st Days of School

I can't believe the kiddos are both in school this year.  Reanna is a 2nd Grader and Hunter is in Pre-K.  He goes 3 times a week in the afternoons.

Before school started for Reanna, Nana took her to Wichita for a day together.  Their day included pedicures and manicures :)

The school started something new this year where they go the night before to find their classrooms, meet the teacher and take their school supplies.  It was so nice having that done and out of the way before the "1st" day of school.

Reanna and Mrs. Cooke

 They had supper as well that night.
 1st Day of School, she was up and out of bed, ready to take on the world!!!

 And of Course mom had to take tons of pictures in different places......
 When Reanna started preschool, I started buying books each year for the grade they were in.  We usually read them the night before school starts. 
 Her and her principal Mrs. Beam

A few weeks later, Hunter started Pre-k at Sonshine Preschool, he too was so exited and ready to go that morning....again he is in the afternoon class!! It makes me happy that my kids love to go to school.  I hope they continue that :)

The preschool also did a before school start night to meet the teachers, see the classroom and take supplies.  Here he is that evening with his cubby.

 Ready to go!!!

 The backpack is bigger than he is.

 He wanted to take a picture with his brother.  I can't even describe how happy it makes this mommy that he doesn't forget about his baby brother.....

 He is very particular on how he hangs up his bag....I am not sure where he gets that from :)
 His teacher Ms. Treva

So blessed for great schools and educations for my kiddos.  

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