Saturday, August 3, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Both of the kids took swimming lessons earlier this summer.  Two years ago we put Reanna in swim lessons at the Memorial Home, we were very impressed with them and how much she learned, so we tried last year for them to get and the classes filled fast and we didn't make it.  So this year as soon as we got the enrollment form, we took it in the next day.  We got in :) 
 Reanna swimming across the pool
 Hunter learning to kick properly
 Bubbles....everyone loves bubbles
 She loves to swim.
 Back floating
 At the end of the session they get a little booklet with their picture and all the things they completed.
 Hunter was in a beginners class so next year he will get to start the levels. 
And Reanna finished up Level 3.
I can tell the difference just within the week or two how much they had developed in their swimming.  Reanna loved doing the "mermaid" or more like Nana and Mommy love watching her do it :)  And Hunter is being brave with no puddle jumper in the deep water.  

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