Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OKC Trip

We didn't get to do much of a family vacation this year but we were able to take a long weekend to OKC......warning lots of pics :)
4th of July weekend Steve's mom side was having a family reunion just outside of OKC so we headed down to that and then added a few other things to our list.
Ride down there....thank goodness for leap pads and video players!!
We hit the outlet stores that evening and enjoyed a nice supper together.  
The next day we headed to a "zoo" call Tiger Safari.  They give you a tour guide and you got to see, feed and hold some of the animals.....

Daddy holding the owl.

Lemur--just like in Madagascar :)

Baby Kangaroo....he was sooo cute
And they do like to box.  Mommy let go of the bag and his paws came out boxing...luckily it skimmed my arm and the lady got the bag closed up :)  She said that is how they like to play.
We all got to hold the baby tiger cub, but we had to put the towel over our legs and only pet it when the guide was holding him. They are a little ornery!

Next stop....Lee Family Reunion.  It was good seeing the family we hadn't seen in awhile, enjoyed some great food and swimming.

The kids with Steve's Aunt Linda and Aunt Joy--Such Sweetharts.  
On the way back to the hotel we caught the end of a fireworks show that was at Frontier City.  The finale was AMAZING......was able to capture a couple of pics.

It was time to head towards home.....goodbye hotel
But not before stopping at Bass Pro Shop and the OKC Science Museum

Steve and I found this museum on our honeymoon and stopped in, it was neat and decided to take Reanna before Hunter was born.  This time Hunter was able to enjoy it too.

They both got to ride the Segway's...and got their Segway drivers licenses....

We got in on a science show and watch the stars in the planetarium.

After a long fun afternoon we headed home.  Great memories made.