Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Yep....it was birthday #31 for me this year.  WOW where did my 20's go, now I am "over" 30 :)
Just a few pics to share
Ice Cream Cake...YUM

 My co workers brought lots of good food to work for my birthday. 

 And then to top it off, we ended up spending my birthday evening in the ER with Hunter.  He took a spill on the concrete and we decided it was better safe than sorry.  Good news was he was fine.  Just a minor head injury and we were to keep an eye on him.....he was just fine by late evening ;)
He had to have a monitor on....so he did the spiderman symbol with the monitor......

 They even had to put a brace on his neck until they new he was ok.  Poor little guy :(

It was an eventful day in a different sort of way, but I was surrounded by the ones I love. 
And at least we got to go out for supper.  I also got some great gifts....money, necklace, massage and a day at the spa, drinks.......I would say I scored big time.....:)  Thanks to all for making my day special!! Love you!!

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