Monday, June 3, 2013

School and Stuff

 Reanna had several end of the school year school activities that I was able to make and tried to get some pictures. 

The school has a reading carnival and throughout the year the kids earn tickets for the carnival by doing their reading.  They spend most of the morning playing carnival games and eating carnival food. The volunteers got to enjoy the food too :) Yum!!

I also helped with their field day but didn't get any pics as I was too busy helping with all the kiddos :) Ayda and I were in charge of one of the games...not sure if the kids or we enjoyed it more!
A couple of days before school was out all the 1st graders enjoyed "a day on the farm".  One of the teacher's live on a farm and invited all the kids and parents to come out and spend the day.  (or you could just come for lunch...that is what I had to do).  They climbed on tractors, played games, tried to find something in the pond, played in the sprinkler and went for a hayrack ride.  I was able to capture a couple of pics during lunch while I was there.  She was playing kickball. 
Funny how your kids can be so much like you yet so different.  During lunch she leaves me to join a group of 6 boys and just sits there talking with them.  If that were me at that age, you would have found me in the corner hiding from the boys :)  She is such a social butterfly!! I hope that wears off soon especially with the boys!!
 And then come the last day of school.  I can't believe she is going to be a 2nd grader, she did very well on her school work and was even exceeding her grade level in several areas. She even brought home the certificate shown below.  She received the National Physical Fitness Award.  They sent home her comparison on her physical tests from fall to spring and she increased in a couple of areas on that as well.  Especially in the mile, she shaved 3 minutes off her mile from the fall run (ummmm...pretty sure she can out run me on the mile) :)
We are so proud of who she is and what she has done.  Another year where did it go! 
And on a side note that has nothing to do with school but thought it was a cute pic....we were at the mall and we ran into Olivia....thought it was a good photo op....:)

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