Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's Go Racing

I am finally getting around to posting Hunter's birthday party.....a little behind....yet again.....
Hunter's Birthday Party theme was Racing.....
Here is Hunter will his new guitar (aka "kuitar) from Aunt Duh and Uncle Craig :)  He really gets into rockin and rolling on this thing.

 We setup a race track (as best as we could in the crazy Kansas winds, it was not going as I wanted).  Our racetrack included a car wash (complete with a water mister and all)

 Time to race, we brought out all our riding toys and away they went.

 I think the kids could have went round and round all day long!!
 I love this picture of my grandparents.  They are so cute!!

 After the birthday party, the kids brought out their window colors and created a masterpiece.
The week after his party he went in for his 4 year checkup......Some things I wanted to document:
  • He is healthy
  • Weight: 30 lbs (3-10 percentile)
  • Height: 38 Inches (10 percentile)
  • He is still our little man!
  • Marshmallow= "Smarshsmellow"
  • He loves superheros and is constantly running around like he is one.
  • Loves to fight with his sister, but then will be nice and randomly give her a hug.
  • Love's Jesus and loves to pray-- an excerpt from a prayer he says: "Thank you Jesus for this world, thank you for my heart"--Translation:  Thank you for being in my heart :)
  • He can be soooo ornery but again have a heart of gold. 
  • He is pure boy, loves outside, loves getting into stuff and loves trucks/sports/anything with wheels.
  • He does love to sit on the couch with a book and "read" it out loud.
  • Preschool is big on his mind, he is so ready to go, I just hope the preschool is ready for him.
  • Once he turned 4 he was able to start going to children's church while mommy and daddy are in big church. 
  • We are working on riding with no training wheels (pictures to come), it is a slow process but we will get there.
  • I am sure there is more but that is what is coming to mind :) 

We did have his 4 year pictures taken, here is one from his "photoshoot"  :)  More to come later on that as well!!
Happy 4th Birthday buddy.  We love you so much!!  You can always melt our heart with that sweet innocent smile of yours!!!! 

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