Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Over Hunter's Bday weekend (Memorial Weekend), we did some fishin'. First we tried out Lakeside.....

Results.....One small Catfish.  We had better luck feeding the ducks than catching fish......
So the next weekend, Papa thought it would be a good idea to go to Kannapolis Lake and try their luck there.
We started out at the spillway, but the kids were a little too active for the surrounding fishers :)
So over to an area with a beach.  First off....a small little catfish....
Then papa caught a big catfish......
And then Reanna caught a catfish (she reeled it in and everything....she even put the worm on the hook....ick....)
Poor little Hunter didn't catch anything...he was too busy casting and reeling it in....over and over.  Pretty soon he found more entertainment in the sticks pretending he was a super hero than fishing.
The days catch--3 catfish and 1 bass
They brought their catch home for mom to cook the next night....I have to say not bad.
 Surprisingly Reanna watch them fillet the fish and she ate it too.  She can be as tom boy as it gets or she can be as girly as it gets....guess it depends on the day :)
I foresee more fishing adventures in our future!

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