Monday, June 10, 2013

All Schools Day-100 Years

This year marked 100 years of All Schools Day in McPherson. 
Wednesday night we started the festivities off enjoying Reese dance at May Fete (sorry no pics), she was adorable riding with her "pickup man" :)
Then it was onto the parade. Since neither of the kids were on floats this year we sat and enjoyed watching our friends on their floats.  The kids enjoyed a front row seat with Missy.  She entertained them during the whole thing.  Thanks Missy :)
Carter and Reese on their school float.
 Sonshine Preschool (Hunter will be on this one next year)
 Charlie and Mallorie's School Float
 Our Elementary school Float (WES)
There were a lot of awesome floats this year.  I would have hated to be the judges, I wouldn't have been able to pick. 
Tucker riding on the FFA float.
Later that evening we went to the fireworks display at the park.

The next evening we enjoyed a BBQ with some friends and then we went on to the
Movie in the Park. 
Featured Movie:  Toy Story 3. 
The kids loved watching it in the park at the big band shell. 
However they crashed 3/4 of the way through so Steve and I enjoyed the ending :)

It was a busy weekend but we have fun with our Family and Friends.

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