Saturday, May 11, 2013

Color Run

Back in early April, our local United Way put on a Color Run 5k.  Reanna and my mom did it with me.
So proud of both of them.  My mom completed 2 of 3 miles.  She kept saying she cheated but to me I would say be proud--she did 2 miles more than someone that didn't and all that matters is that you tried.  

Reanna and I ended up walking/running the whole thing.  I would say she probably ended up running almost half of it.  As we crossed the starting line with Eye of the Tiger playing and watching her take off, it brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.  I think it is was just a moment when I was counting my blessings.

Reanna was being silly in this pic of course!

Mom crossing the finish line!
 As you can see on mom, the color didn't stick real well but that is ok, It was for a good cause :)  However, Reanna and I did roll through the color on the ground at the last station.  Glad I had my camera in my possesion for that!
 All these kiddos did it and finished.  AWESOME! 
Asher, Reanna, Reese, Carter and Carter
 Our trio....and we finished too :)
 Carter and Reanna hadn't quite had enough running, they decided to play leap frog afterwards.
 Love this girl!!

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