Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Bball

Reanna did the spring basketball clinic with the Boy's HS Coaches and some of the players.  I captured a few pics on the last day.

 Reese and Carter
 A little around the back motion :)
 Working on some coordination!

 A Happy Hayden :) So sweet!
 Carter, Reanna and Reese with their signed posters.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hunter just finished up playing spring soccer.  He did much better than he did in the fall.  He actually went for the ball and kicked it.  It probably helped that the kids this spring were more his age and size :)

The first few sessions were still pretty cold!

 His buddy Asher was on his team!
 I am pretty sure they will be ready for tackle football :)

 He was so excited for his medal!!! Good job buddy!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

OKC Half Marathon

So as I have mentioned in previous posts our trio was doing some running and some 5k's.  Well.....back in January/February, Mindy threw out this idea to Jami and I of running a half marathon in Oklahoma City (She had done one before).  After much thinking and coaxing myself that I could do it even if I had to walk, I agreed.  I just decided to just sign up right away so that there was no turning back. 

Shortly after....away we started training.  First is was 5 miles.....then we upped our mileage to 8.....and eventually we ran a 12 miler.  I couldn't believe I was running this much. Me..the person who a year ago said she hated I was running 5+ miles several times a week.  

All of this led up to the weekend of  April 27th........A Run to Remember
Reanna drew this picture and sent it with me to remember when I run.
It says I am so proud of my mom!!! 15 :) Love her.
Everytime I thought about this pictures on my run, I teared up.....

The night before we were ready to leave, our friends the Coopers brought over a Good Luck gift. 
(Part of it was for before the race and part of it was for after) :) So grateful!!
 Saturday came...and away our trio went to Oklahoma, husbands and all......

We arrived in Oklahoma around lunch time...but we decided to go register first and walk around the expo. 
Just walking into expo hall took my breathe away and I thought what am I doing.....
 After getting registered and checking out all the cool running items, we were starved......
Chet had a good eye when he found this Mexican restaurant.  It was fabulous.
Not to mentioned helped calm our already rising nerves. 

 Later that evening, we found some entertainment--a few horse races for the guys....which I think we enjoyed watching the guys more than the races :) Us girls headed off to the Casino for a little bit.
Let's just say I didn't leave with more than I went in with......
After several hours of racing and the casino, we headed back to the hotel to try to catch some sleep. 

It was a restless night and then my alarm went off at 4 am.......It was time to get ready and do this!!! 
Here was our awesome outfits....because you know it is all about the fashion at these things :)
The shirts were made by my mom---Front: We're only half crazy 13.1--Back: Your body will go anywhere your mind takes it.  
The headband made by Jami---Bows and Bands
And the Red Socks are for Boston and the green shoelaces are in remembrance of OKC.
 Here we are waiting to catch the shuttle that will take us downtown where the race was held. 
It was a little brisk but we were ready to roll!!!
 And our shoe/sock shot :)
 The OKC Memorial--"The reason why we run"
 We are trying to make it to the starting line.....
 It took us 20 minutes to even cross the starting line.   24,000 participants lined the street ready to run. I don't know how many spectators were there to cheer everyone on. 
I did manage to see Steve around the starting line....that was a nice little boost to help get me started.
 As we ran along, it was amazing to see all sorts of people walking/running this race; firefighters in their uniforms, people holding the US flag through the whole thing, people in wheel chairs, people of all ages, you name it they were there supporting this cause. At one point during the race, an ARMY man ran past me in his uniform with all his gear on his back.  He ran the whole 13.1 miles!!!  Steve told me later that at the finish line a lady collapsed right before the line and this gentleman scooped her up took her over the finish line to the EMT's.....AMAZING!!!!! That is what it is all about!!!!
 Flags lined the streets with the name of each victim of the OKC bombings--168 of them.  Before the race they had a 168 second silence in memory of each of those that lost their life in OKC and an extra 3 second silence for those who lost their life in Boston at the marathon just 2 weeks before.
 Not quite mid way through, I was running along keeping focused when I looked over and saw all the husbands on the side of the road cheering us on and taking pics.  It helped push me a little more. 

Around mile 7, I told myself I knew I could run to mile 8 without stopping, I had already done that away I went. At mile 8, 9, and 10, I told myself to just keep pushing..... do not stop.  By mile 11, I had still kept running non stop and decided I only had 2 miles left and not to stop now.....and I didn't.  I completed the whole 13.1 miles without stopping.   It was an amazing experience.  People you didn't know were cheering you on.  Fellow runners kept you going as well.

And ......we did it, we crossed that finish line!!!

 And Me.....As I was heading towards the finish line I heard my name, I looked to the right and there was my brother, he had surprised me and come to watch.  As I passed him, I heard my name again and looked left, it was my husband, cheering me on.  Talk about a rush. To top it off, they were picking random runners names to announce over the sound system that they had finished and they announced my name.....Again here came the rush!! :)

Once I crossed, they gave me my medal and I looked around to find no trio, no husbands, no one I knew.  I quickly went to tears......I was emotional first of all that I just finished the race and then I was emotional that I couldn't get out of the corral to find my support!  :( 
However, I quickly found them all and the celebration began!!!! 

 My certificate and proof that I did run it :) 
I did it 16 minutes faster than I predicted so I was very happy with that.

I could not have done any of this without the support of my family and friends, thank you so much for your encouragement-Love you all!! And a big thanks to my parents for taking care of the kids while we were on this little adventure.  It was an amazing accomplishment and experience and am so glad that I was a part of it. 

I am continuing to run..I had someone ask me if I was going to hang up my answer---No Way...not now!

I plan to hit a few 5k's this summer and we will see what next year we do the half again, do we do a marathon relay....and do our husbands (and my brother) do a half marathon like they told us they were when we finished our race :)
Our local runegades group had the above post on Facebook and I love it. 
I definitely don't run fast and haven't run for long but I do it.

**Thanks to Jami and Mindy for some of the pictures, I didn't get a whole lot, so I borrowed some of theirs.
I am so glad they are good at taking pictures!!:)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Color Run

Back in early April, our local United Way put on a Color Run 5k.  Reanna and my mom did it with me.
So proud of both of them.  My mom completed 2 of 3 miles.  She kept saying she cheated but to me I would say be proud--she did 2 miles more than someone that didn't and all that matters is that you tried.  

Reanna and I ended up walking/running the whole thing.  I would say she probably ended up running almost half of it.  As we crossed the starting line with Eye of the Tiger playing and watching her take off, it brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.  I think it is was just a moment when I was counting my blessings.

Reanna was being silly in this pic of course!

Mom crossing the finish line!
 As you can see on mom, the color didn't stick real well but that is ok, It was for a good cause :)  However, Reanna and I did roll through the color on the ground at the last station.  Glad I had my camera in my possesion for that!
 All these kiddos did it and finished.  AWESOME! 
Asher, Reanna, Reese, Carter and Carter
 Our trio....and we finished too :)
 Carter and Reanna hadn't quite had enough running, they decided to play leap frog afterwards.
 Love this girl!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zoo Pals

Several weekends ago, we decided to head out to the zoo.  It was one of the few days that it has been nice this spring and we took advantage of it. Uncle Zo met us there along with our cousins Larissa and baby Skyler, it was his first trip to the zoo.
 Mr. Man!

 The kids were so excited to see their names on the board for the hippopotamus.  (That was what Uncle gave them for Christmas, I love the idea and hope he continues.)

 The kids were just in time to see the Tiger feeding and show.  He was being "playful" and gave them a loud roar, which I think caused Hunter to climb up his dad :)

 Stomping bugs....

 It was a beautiful day with great company....and to top it off a bird pooped all over Steve......I laughed so hard...LOL