Saturday, April 6, 2013

Name Gallery #4

We have two more pictures we have added to Kooper's Gallery. 

This first one is from the Thul's, they went to Disney World in Florida, wrote his name on a Mickey balloon and did a balloon release.  They recorded it and sent the video to me.  It was so awesome watching their kids release the balloon.  Melts my heart.  Thank you guys...We now can check Florida off our list!!

 And we can also check Hawaii off the list.  This next one is in the green sand on the Kaulana Beach in Hawaii from the Corbus'.  Here is a little info on the green sand beach that Missy sent to me. 
"There are only two green sand beaches in the world; one in Hawaii and one in the Galapagos Islands.  That one is not reachable because there is no life other than birds there.   Very few people can say they've been on a green sand beach, but you can say Kooper was.  : )"

Thank you all for remembering Kooper on your vacations.  Means so much to us!!! And we love seeing the different places and ideas.

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