Friday, February 15, 2013

The Week in a Nutshell.......

It has been a busy week....
So I am warning you there are lots of pics.....I decided to put them all in one post instead of trying to do a separate one for each.....

The next several are her last few bball games.  This first game against the yellow team with her friend Danica.

 Hunter "enjoys" watching :)
 The next game was against her friends Mallorie and Reese.  Their moms are the coaches.....

 We had some friends come to watch!!
Thanks for supporting the girls!!

 Those are Reanna's long arms in the air blocking!!

 She loves basketball.  We took her to the HS girls game the other night and she wanted to be on the court and I don't think she has ever stood so still and quiet!!!

Next was project time.  She had to do a project on a Kansas symbol, hers was the honeybee so we made a honeycomb poster.

 She worked very hard on her project. Very proud of her!!
 On to Valentines......"Valentine you are 'write' for me" 

 The school met their goal in collecting pop tops and they received a dress up week for meeting the goal.  This week was salad dressing week.......

Monday-Thousand Island---Hawaiian themed

My little hula girl and Monkey (Hunter is eating a banana--he was helping sis sport the theme)
 Tuesday-Ranch--Cowboy themed
 Tuesday Night, she cheered with the HS cheerleaders between games.....

 So sweet :)

 Love this pose!!!!
 Wednesday-Blue Cheese--Wear Blue
 Valentines day, the kids woke up to balloons, books and $$. 

Thursday-Valentine's day-dress in Red

Friday-House dressing--Wear school or Bullpup colors

What a great week with great memories.  Love these kids so much!!  I will try not to save up so much next time :)

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