Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reanna Update

2 weeks ago she was star student of the week.
Her Bio:
My Birthday is Nov. 9th
My favorite color is Green and Blue.
My favorite TV show is Turtle Tales.
My favorite food is Pizza.
I want to be a dentist or a vet.
This is what I do
 Then it was on to Science Experiment presentations. She had to come up with an experiment, write out the report and present it to the class.  I got to go and watch her and she did a great job.  She didn't seem too nervous once she got settled in showing how its done. 

 The following week she finished up her Zumba class. It was parent day which meant the parents participated as well. Lucky for me there are no pictures of me participating :) However I did have a great time with her.

Conferences were held that week as well.  She is doing a great job on her school work and even reading above her grade level.  Her teacher says "she behaves well in class, follows rules, stays focused, has many friends in school and appears to enjoy learning!!

Reanna, we are so proud of you.  It is amazing how fast time goes.  We are treasuring every moment of it with you!  Love you so much sissy!!!!

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