Sunday, November 11, 2012


Several pictures of activities during Halloween.  Starting off with pumpkin carving with Uncle Zo and his friends.
Hunter wasn't much into the carving and removing insides part of this. 

Then the kids each decorated a pumpkin for the bank's pumpkin contest.

Finished Product

Hmmm. Imagine that....more on his face than the pumpkin....or close to it :)

Reanna also did one for Kooper.

Hunter's finished product and he had a blast doing it and making a mess!
Next was the Halloween costume contest and trick or treating downtown. 

The kids' pumpkins were displayed that night and since all the pumpkins were too creative all of them won.  The kids got a piglet bank with $5 in it for "winning".  Hunter was so funny, he opened up the bank, looked at the money and said "AH....a million dollars".. with his eyes as wide as saucers...gotta love it!!
Then on to Halloween night. Papa went with us as Daddy was still at work when we started.  I think papa just wanted them to share the candy!!

 We stopped to see Uncle at his other work....and they were spoiled with candy and cookies...YUM!!
Papa Ray
Aunt Duh, Uncle Craig and Tucker's

And many more that we didn't get a photo of.  All in all they made out real well. 

Note to more costumes that require taking on and off every time we get in and out of the car :)

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