Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Running for fun?

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be running 3 miles almost every night and would be running in a 5k race, I would have said you were crazy.  But thanks to several friends believing in me and doing it with me, I did it!
 Two weeks ago, my friends, Mindy, Jami, Kasi, Chelsea ,Lindsey and I did the Frosty 5k.  This was Jami and I's first ever 5k.  And we all made it!!!! 
During the race there were times I didn't know if I could make it but I pushed through and ran/jog (depends on the definition of run) :) the whole thing.  By the time I had cooled down, I was pumped and ready to do it again.

A long story short, I was very overcome with this sense of accomplishment-- considering 27 years ago the Dr.'s told me I would never walk again!!

Jami, Me, Mindy, Lindsey & Chelsea 
 The kids were ready to cheer us on...but they were cold!

 Dressed up for the festivities
 Some Kooper Kisses (OK so they weren't real but fore me it was perfect) to cheer Momma on!
She was the first one to tell me that I could do this and sent me the couch to 5k plan.  Which we started out doing and then moved to a plan of our own that quickly got us to where we needed to be.
 Over 200 racers attended......
 Here we go!!
 Jami and Mindy
 I am blurry in this pic but I love how it shows my friends cheering me on through the finish lines, high fives and all.  Plus I had some awesome kiddos cheering me on and a couple of my own waiting for a hug.  Can't get much better than that.
 Wow......What a rush!!
I Love this pic!!!

Our little kiddos got to run too. They ran in the Santa sprint.  My mom made matching shirts for all of them--they were the running ReinDears.  And each of them had a reindeer name! Reanna was Vixen and Hunter was Donner.   Thank you mom.......
 Little miss Hayden sporting her outfit as well....she was cupid!

 Pics with Mommy after her race!!  My fan club!!
 This cracked me up---after my kids took a picture with me, Cru slid right in and wanted his pic with me....How sweet is he :)
 We did it girls!!  You are awesome!!
 A pic with Kasi after the race....she is training for a marathon so this was nothing for her, she finished this race and even came back and finished with me.  Thanks for the encouragement and telling me I could do it!!!
 Pics with Mrs. Claus
 The kids were stretching before their was so cute!!
 On your mark......
 Get Set.
 Go....Carter, Reanna
Cru and Asher

 And I love how Jami put it.....the mamarazzi's :)

 All the kids received participation ribbons for completing.  So proud of these kiddos.  They were awesome!
 After the races, we went to the mall and visited Santa and took a train ride! Great way to end the day.

I don't even know where to start......Thank you to my Husband, Kids, parents and family for the support as we go out almost every night to prepare, for encouraging me, for cheering me on, knowing and telling me I could do it and all the other ways you have been supporting me in this. 

Thank you to my friends who coaxed me into this, kept (and keep) me going and hold me accountable when I just want to snuggle in for the night instead of running.....but we get out and do it and I am glad we do.  And for letting me use this time to help me clear my head.

To some this make seem so small but to me it was a huge accomplishment and I plan on continuing.  In fact, I have been asked about a 10k and a 1/2 marathon in the spring.  :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reanna's 7th Birthday

Warning.....Lots of Pics.  

Reanna's Birthday started out with a cinnamon roll with a candle for breakfast.
 It was backwards day at school that day too.
 Party at School

 Then it was on to her Limo ride spa party sleepover.

 The limo dropped the kids off at McDonald's for some happy meals and play time.

 Presents, Cupcakes and dress up.....

 Then on to nail painting, popcorn and a movie.

 After going to bed late and waking up early, they had donuts...made flip flops, did their makeup and headed home.  

What a great bunch of kids.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Reanna, she had a great time.
Happy 7th Birthday Reanna!!