Friday, October 12, 2012

Kooper's Celebration

It has been one year since my angel baby was born.  We decided this year to celebrate his one year birthday in Heaven.  We had a little party with some friends and family.  It didn't go as planned as the weather ended up being COLD and rainy so we moved it inside.

Balloons (for the balloon release) and candy from the Eks.
 White roses and balloons from the Woolley's.
 Mom made a cake...we can't have a party without mom's white cake :)
 Special made Kooper Memorial tattoos for the kids.

 Getting ready for the balloon release with a special prayer from a special person.

 So Neat......

 The mum from my aunt and uncle

 The next day we release balloons in the evening.

 This is the neat picture frame my friend Cheri had made for us. 

We recieved so many thoughts, prayers cards, etc that just helped us through this time..  We can't thank you enough for the support.  Love you all!!

And also our friends started a "name gallery" for him for us :)  Pictures to come soon

I can't believe a year has passed, seems like only yesterday I was holding you looking at your sweet little face.  We miss you more than I can even speak.  You have taught us so much and have been a blessing to our lives.  There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you and are so glad you were placed in our lives--even though the time was short.  Can't wait to be with you again someday.  Love you little buddy!!!!

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